Herbert Samuel's 1915 'The Future of Palestine'
No Briton except perhaps Winston Churchill did more than Herbert Samuel to establish Zionism in Palestine during the British Mandate (colony) from just after the First World War til 15 May 1948. A Liberal Party grandee very committed to his Judaism and Zionism, this tract, which more or less ignored the indigenous Palestinians who then made up 92% of Palestine's population, was in fact the blueprint for Palestine's future, kicked off by Samuel himself as High Commissioner of Palestine 1920-1925. Essential reading for whoever wants to understand Britain's pre-creation of Israel on the Palestinians' land.
Samuel The Future of Palestine.pdf
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'Report on the State of Palestine' of the 3rd Palestine Arab Congress
During the Mandate the Palestinians said and wrote a lot of things to the British, but this hard-to-come-by document 'says it all', or rather said it all already in the winter of 1920-21. Members of the Executive Committee elected by the 3rd Palestine Arab Congress in December 1920 - led by Musa Kazem al-Husseini - gave it personally to Colonial Secretary and anti-Arab racist Winston Churchill in Jerusalem in late March 1921 - but of course it didn't interest him. This is entry #99 in my 2021 book 'The Rape of Palestine: A Mandate Chronology', which contains 490 entries ending with 15 May 1948.
Report on the State of Palestine of the
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Malcolm MacDonald's White Paper of 17 May 1939
This White Paper - the fourth fundamental one, following those of Churchill (1922), Passfield (1930) and Peel (1938) - renounced the British goal of furthering Zionism in its Palestine colony. It, in turn, was remounced in 1946 by the Attlee government. The refusal on the part of deciding elements of the Palestinian elite to accept it, and proceed to hammer out a constitution as long as MacDonald remained Colonial Secretary, was in my humble opinion the biggest mistake made by the Palestinians during the Mandate. It is accessible on a United Nations website: https://unispal.un.org/DPA/DPR/unispal.nsf/9a798adbf322aff38525617b006d88d7/eb5b88c94aba2ae585256d0b00555536?OpenDocument&Highlight=0,macdonald,white,paper Also on Yale's Avalon site: https://avalon.law.yale.edu/20th_century/brwh1939.asp
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Anthony Crossley MP supporting MacDonald's White Paper in the Commons
Anthony Crossley's Commons speech on 22 May 1939 in support of the new, pro-Palestinian White Paper is remarkably radical for a British politician - although the Palestinians did have many other British friends all during the Mandate, such as Lord Islington, High Commissioner John Chancellor or Ralph Beaumont MP.
Anthony Crossley MP spoke in favour of t
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Elias Koussa's letter to High Commissioner MacMichael of 6 November 1942
Heartfelt plea for respect and freedom from a Haifa lawyer. It contains many of the themes running through Palestinians' messages to the British during the Mandate.
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